Ion w/ 3 wing config at Whitman Hall, Brooklyn College

Our 6 mos.old Ion 1024, dual touch screens and 3 2x20 wing system (plus a Unison LCD sitting there for house/work control), at our rear orchestra lighting control position. Ion replaced our Express 48 with Emphasis and all my operators agree it was a great purchase and upgrade.

Photo taken of the lighting setup for the 2010, 20th annual Passover Hassidic concert.  House rig used for this show included approx. 120 fixtures, all S4 19's & 26's (Coves) plus S4 25/50 zooms and S4 Pars and ParNels, with 10 Mac 2000's rented for gig.

LD was Bryan Hairston, having fun making the Ion into the Hog II he's used too.  He did a hell of a job too.