Help Needed

I have scorched a path through this and other forums with problems related to setting up some movers on our ETC Element 2. And, received a lot of advice from folks that has been very much appreciated.  But I'm still having problems and rather than keep showing my ignorance here think a 1 on 1, 2 or 3 hour session with a tech that knows MLs, the ETC Element 2 (and even better Augment3d) would settle this business. If you are within driving distance of Sebring FL and were prepared to give 3 hours of your time I will pay your travel costs, meals for a day and $100 per hour. I would be happy to send over notes and the profile of the ML (Just one type) I need help with. How we get in touch with people in a forum I don't know. So I will wait for an offer and then provide more details. Thanks