Broken workflow, universes and the future.


I have some stuff that really is bothering me with my Cobalt. Get me right here, I do like the software and I start to get good on it but there is some stuff that's really bothering me.


A note to this text: I have a JR with one ELO touch and a normal screen. making the move from the keypad to the screen longer then on a Cobalt 10/20.

First, the interruptions of the workflow while programming: That the software looses selection and can't record. It's a known issue and it happens often when I select pallets in the direct select that all windows gray out and then my [Record] don't record and I get interrupted in the flow. A weird part is pressing [Playback] or [Live] do not target the tabs. But if I mark i.ex. direct select window and press the buttons they work. This forces me to remove my hands from the keypad where I am typing to a screen or the mouse to select a window and then re-type it all. just hit [Live] would help, but not have the problem from the start would be grate. A small note here is that if I run Direct selects on one screen and have the Playback and live Tab, with Live on top on the other some times recording and/or updating pallets in the direct select makes the Playback tab jump in front of the Live tab. this is annoying when I pre-program and want to see what devices is selected but after each pallet have to change back to live tab.

 A normal day for me is guest get-in at 08. rehearsals and light design for dance show. in the afternoon run thru and then in the evening show.  So if I in the run thru see that i.ex. my wash have the wrong beam pallet I want to quick select the group, press the pallet on my touch screen and then press [Update] [Update]. and then if it do not take the update I'm screwed. after that it's to late and the next preset goes in. I can't work like that, not knowing if it will update or not. 

2nd, the output count: What is it with ETC and thinking Universes cost money, a lot of money? It's 2017, and it's normal a device takes 25-75 outputs and that way you will fast run out of outputs. Almost no other consoles in the size of the Cobalts have limits like that. Not starting at 4 universes at least. and then the prize for each 512 outputs are silly. If I would upgade my desk to 16 universes it would be 2x the price of the desk. for something that others give you for free with the desk. It's 2017 and pixelmapping, lights with 100+ outputs and huge rigs are normal, but ETC feels like they still live in a world with 100 dimmers and a few scrollers. I have heard the argument that "it makes smaller installs cost less" but that's just because ETC have the idea that universes cost money. If you drop that it won't be a difference. it's a code string not hardware.


So why do I complain like this? Because I want to get from ETC that this will be fixed, soon. So that when I'm start looking for a new console soon it will be a ETC and not another brand. My rig don't fit on my 4 universes now but spending money on a console I soon will swap out is not what I want and buying a console that have limits under 12 universes 2017 don't feel right and no, no expensive upgrades. And the workflow drives me crazy! I have heard things about the software and future but if that's to far of in time, I don't know. I have shows to run.

I love my console but it drives me crazy and I can't have that while working.

added some text about normal work day.
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  • Hi Johannes -

    Sorry you're having some troubles. Can you please tell us which version of software you are currently running? Also, can you tell me if you have a habit of touching non-button areas of your touchscreen at all? As in, do you tap a DS button, then tap to the side of the buttons area out of habit? I cannot replicate what you describe offline on my laptop, which leads me to believe it may be tied to the touch screen somehow. More details will help us to help you.

    Thanks much -

  • In reply to sclausen:

    I run 7.3.1 with a ELO touch.
    It's not all the time. that's what messing it up. I will try to remember exactly what happens when it happens next time. I have a big show in the weekend so I will see then.
    I have got the recommendations to have a tab open in the same window as I have DS dock in the top and Device control dock in the bottom. (I haven't follow that advice)
  • In reply to sclausen:

    So, I found that the "focus lost" from the windows happens two different ways at least.
    First one was just working on the console, typing channel numbers and putting on masters. when I after a while doing that tried to press [Live] nothing happen.
    Second one was when selecting things in Device Control dock. Like changing groups for a dynamic. I did this on the touch screen and not with the encoders.

    A new bug I found with dynamics is that I was copying presets between sequences and some of the presets had dynamics in them. in one out of three sequences I copied to the groups in the dynamics was set to-1. So if the original group was grp12 the dynamic was playing with grp11. Luckily it was the same light but less of them. it could have been weird if my front lights started doing circles and flashing...
  • In reply to jolsson:

    Hi Johannes,

    We have reworked screen handling and focus in the next version. Hopefully, this will solve these problems.

    In addition, we are investigating a problem with groups used by effects getting out of sync if you insert new groups with lower numbers.

  • In reply to Anders Ekvall:

    So, then it's just the Universe part left for ETC to think about then!
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