How to create a Template for SUNSTRIP HQ Power ?



(unfortunatly) I have this Sunstrip : HQ POWER VDP7510S2

It uses 11 channels,

the 1st one is to select how he works (10ch, 5ch, 2ch, 1 ch, ...and other bulshit program)

the 10 others are the 10 dimmers


And i really try and try to create a Template, with a template 11 parameters,

but it doesn't work. (or only for the session, and doesn't work anymore)


If someone could explain to me, thanks !

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  • At the moment "multi-cell"/"decimal channel" fixtures can't be built in the editor - each parameter can only appear in a template once.

    Thanks for the manual, we'll add this to the list for the next fixture library update.

    It looks like a clone of the Showtec Sunstrip Active, except they've tacked an extra "mode" parameter on the start.
    For now, you can patch the Showtec SunStrip Active to DMX Start +1, and patch another 1-channel fixture to DMX Start to set the "mode".
    I guess you only ever want the 11 channel mode so this could just Home/Default to 60.
  • In reply to Richard:

    Thank you Richard.

    I will wait the next Fixture Library update to patch it, no worry.
    For now, I use to patch Showtec Sunstrip from Library, and with an independant button, I "park" the channels and intensities as I need.
    Thank you, bye
  • In reply to Richard:

    Hi Richard.

    For when the possibilty to create a multi cell template?? We've got a led bar to test but we can't create the right template to work with that.
    The bar is a Flash Professional Led Washer 18x10w RGBW 4in1 3 Sections Mk2 25º/45º and we already download and print the DMX options but ´after we create the 3 sections option can´t work with that bar.


    Pedro Alves
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