I'm having problems getting my external monitors to work with my Cobalt 10. I can identify them in system settings but I can't put any tabs on them when I'm in a show. The cursor shows up and 1 has the blue background but 2 is blank.

External screens on Cobalt 10

  • Also screen 1 is a touchscreen but I can't figure out how to get it to work with cobalt. I have the driver for it on a jump drive.
  • What type of external monitors are you using? The resolution that is required is 1280X1024 minimum. The touch screens need to be native Win7 touch screens. If it requires its own driver, you won't be able to load it.
    This link is from a few years back, but it might help.
    Also, you can always call technical support. They can walk you through some of the troubleshooting. Really, they want you to call.
    In the US, call 800-688-4116
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  • Check in System Settings that the screens are all enabled and arranged appropriately.

    "Identify" in the Monitor Arrangement should flash up a number/letter on all screens.
    If it doesn't, then there is a config, power or cabling issue.

    If it does, check the "Max. Physical Screens" setting in System Settings.
    To use all screens, this needs to be the same or larger than the number of screens you have - so set it to 5.

    [Tab] & [Left/Right] arrow to move a tab to another screen that has a Cobalt titlebar.

    Only Win7-certified touchscreens are supported, all the necessary drivers for these are preinstalled and fully qualified.

    Touchscreens that require 3rd party drivers are not supported, as installing additional unqualified software - especially drivers - could cause any number of stability or other issues.
  • Thanks. I was using the wrong touchscreen. It was one we already had that I was hoping would work. Thanks for the replies
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