Changing attribute-status from "palette-value" to "normal-value" with one button??

Hi all!

Working on a Congo running Cobalt 7.3.1:


I would like to change the status of attributes (e.g. in live) from palette-value into normal-value with one button (e.g. PAN from P1 or #53 to "normal value" 53), not by moving every single attribute of the channel with the wheels once, thereby changing the focus a bit and needing much of time.

E.g. I want to copy (or align) position and shutters from one channel to another (but in the first - the master - the attributes are coming from a palette, in the second - the slave - they are not recorded in a palette).

Here "align" does not work, because the console wants to copy the palette and not the single values.


--> therefore the solution could be either:

1) Align attributes as single values without palette-information.

2) Change attributes from palette-status into value-status with one button.


Do these buttons/keycommands/workarounds exist, does anybody know??


Thanks! Jan

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  • Hi Jan.

    If you are using a Congo Sr. on the ML display you can go to <CHANNELS> and then press <DATA> and you see that instead palette information you now see the values of those attributtes.

    Hope that helps

    Pedro Alves
  • Jan, I'm not in front of a desk and I believe this was changed in the last software update, but it may be worth double-checking:

    My workaround for this was for a long time was to load the palette onto a master fader. Select the fixtures in question, and run the fader up. This would dump the palette reference in Live to values, not palette references, and then Align would work. 

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