Increased channel count & EOS software - coming to Cobalt as well?

Hi Guys,

I've read that the EOS family software on hardware & nomad is increasing the channel count default with it's latest version of software.

i.e. along the lines of "For the base unit, it will increase to a set amount, and if any extra channels have been unlocked then it goes to the maximum that the hardware can allow".


Is this going to happen for Cobalt as well?

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  • Hi Ric -

    Yes, both families follow the same drill. If you buy a console today, a Cobalt 10 and Cobalt 20 will have the same base output levels (4,096 outputs) and can be upgraded in one step to the maximum output level of 32 universes. Congo jr consoles stay at 1,024 base, but would upgrade in one step to its maximum of 12 universes. Light servers follow similar rules based on the type of hardware. If a console has been upgraded using single universe upgrades in the past, the version 8.0 update this fall will unlock the maximum output count, based on the hardware variant. There is no change for Congo Kid.

    Please be advised, the old single universe upgrades are no longer available. An upgrade purchased today will immediately unlock the full capacity of the console. Your dealer can inform you about pricing.


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    Awesome news,
    Thanks Sarah !
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    Hi Sarah

    And this new Cobalt V.8 software is still compatible with Congo Sr. consoles??

    We've got 1 of that plus 3 Congo Jr and all have 1,024 outputs. With this V.8 the outputs will be more (4 at least) or we still have to buy to have more outputs??

    On vacation but pay attention to what is going on with Cobalt

    Pedro Alves

    P.S.: Thanks for the CUE on live streaming
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    What will happen with the dongles? will they change or still be 256, 512, and so on....
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    Nomad Dongles at 256 will bounce up to 512, 512 will stay the same, anything over 512 will be bumped up to 6K.

    Going forward there are only two output types of each Cobalt and Eos desk. You can choose a base model or a fully unlocked model. The base/unlocked is hardware dependent based on what the processor can support. (ie an old XP Congo Jr. may not be capable of a 6K output so it will be capped at 3K)

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    So then it's the big qestion! The prize! I have a JR with 1024. Shuld I unlock 512 more now and get it up to 12universes with Cobalt8 or will the prize be same as one universe now?
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    They stopped selling 512 upgrades with Eos' announcement since the upgrade applies to both desks. Check with your dealers on the price it will be more expensive than a 512, but not as expensive as a 10 universe upgrade used to cost.
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    And what about Congo Sr??? We bought the the console in 2005 and at that time it cames with Congo V1.6. So I have to ask again if the Cobalt V.8 will work with this console???

    Pedro Alves
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    Hello Pedro - sadly version 8 will not be supported on Congo hardware running the XPe operating system, which includes Congo sr and some very old Congo jr hardware. Congo jr consoles may be upgradeable to the Win7 motherboard, but we ask that you talk to technical services directly about this as they know all the details. Also, Congo jr consoles are all capable of 12 universes of output maximum. Any Congo jr able to run v8.0 that has already had an output upgrade will be expanded to the maximum output when v8.0 is installed. Congo jr consoles at 1024 outputs will stay at 1024 since that has been and remains the base level of output for those consoles.

    Thanks much -


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    Hi Sarah.

    Unfortunately that it's a bad news for me. I don't believe that the directors/administration of the theatre want, or have extra money, to spend at this moment to renovate/buy ETC light consoles at this moment.
    Ours Congo Jrs are all XP based and a question that I made is if it's to expensive to do that upgrade to Win7 motherboard?? I know that the directors/administration will say that if Congo Jr are working with this version so we don´t need to change anything and one of the big excuse to not upgrade it will be the cost of that.

    Besides the more outputs with Cobalt V.8 what are the other changes from Cobalt V7.3.1??

    When I get back to work I'll try again to convice them to buy a Cobalt console but I already know that is a Tom Cruise film: "Mission Impossible"

    Pedro Alves
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