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I have tried to find a way to fade in paletts on a not pre-set time.

Now when I'm busking and want to change a wash color I have to put the color on a master to fade it in. I'm looking for a way to press a time and then the direkt select and it fades in on that time. I do NOT want to record a color time, and I do not want a time master. I want to press [Number][Direct Select x] and that direct select fades in [Number] sec.

Is there a way, or can I leave a wish for Cobalt 8? Now I have to use 10-20 masters for color pallets and I really could need that space for other stuff.

  • Hi Johannes,
    You can do this now.
    Select the fixtures, # (for the time you want), Direct Select
    I do this all the time. It has been in the software from at least Congo v4.
    Make sure that the fixtures are selected. If you have more problems, let us know.
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    wierd... I remember this was in, but when I tried it snapped the colors. Have to try tomorrow.
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    The DS will snap if the number is stale - grey background with a *.

    For timed moves the number must be fresh (blue).
    Touching/clicking the Direct Select will then use the number (turning it grey) and start the timed move.
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    Also just a reminder if there are any color wheels in play or other snap parameters, there is no way it can fade.
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    So… it worked once. But now they only snap when I do it.
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    So I tested it this weekend. it worked once! when I tried to use it in show it just snapped between colors. So I had to use masters for color palets like I use to if I wanted to fade them in.
    I was only busking with a few group masters, nothing in MPB/Seq list.

    So to change my request: I want a reliable way to change the pallets over time!
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    At this point I would send logs and show files over to tech support so they can research why its not fading the way its supposed to.
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    You have to enter the time for the palette each instance of using it. It is not a global or remembered value.
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    Future request ! :
    It would be great if there was system or show setting that could set this to a value. Much like the default go/back times.
    As well as a dedicated series of time buttons on the Direct select area, that adjust the fade time for direct selection only.

    I've wanted this many many times when busking shows!
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    Ok tested it out! and it's broken!
    Some times it works, and some times not.
    Most of the times I get it to work I moved the fixtures before. like from Home to Focus pallet 1. then I can fade in a color over time 1-3 times, and then it snapps. if I pressed [1] and Direct Select Focus 1 (with the lights in Focus one from the start) it gave me, (some times!), the chance to fade color on time 1-2 times... and then it start snapping.

    The funktion is maybe in there, but it do not work at all.
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    Hi Johannes,

    Is this with a touch screen in combination with the DS dock? If so, does it make any difference if you click in the DS dock with a mouse instead? (I am thinking that this might be a touch related problem in combination with the "slide-to-increase/decrease" function.)

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    BINGO! Seems like it's the ELO touch that is the problem here.
  • In reply to jolsson:

    Have you found a workaround or are you just avoiding doing this on the ELO touchscreen?
  • In reply to Anders Ekvall:

    No work around. What I can think of is using Direct selects on the master wing, or a external midi/X-keys.
    Right now I'm waiting for the upgrade to Win7 card on my JR. and after that new screens. then we have to see if the problem still is there.
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