is there a way to do a symetrical circle? (like in ma2 wing2)

can i put a time in and time out on a dynamic

thanks for reply

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  • I'm not sure what you mean by "symetrical circle".
    There is a Circle dynamic effect in each direction, and a "Figure 8". Are any of those what you mean?

    Dynamic Effect Playbacks behave much like channels, and accept all the same timing adjustments that channels have.
    They'll follow the In/Out time, Channel Time and Per-attribute timing as desired.

    There are a few tutorial videos here that might help:

    See near the bottom for videos about Effect playbacks.
  • In reply to Richard:

    yes this is a dynamic circle
    you know , like in granMA2( circle wing 2 and pan wing -2)

    i have six viper on a truss 1 thru 6
    i want 1 and 6 together but pan mirror, 2and 5 same, 3 and 4 same
    and tilt offset between 1/6 and 2/5 and 3and 4
    ( 1and 6 same tilt ,2and5 same tilt,3and4 same tilt)

    thanks for reply
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