What would you like after v8.0? Tell the core team today!

Hi everyone! The Cobalt core team is meeting today and tomorrow and we would like your input. We will soon release the version 8.0 software that contains all new networking, updated tab handling with more configurable screen areas, and the Eos Magic Sheet engine. We're prioritizing the things we will work on next. What feature would you like us to consider for a future release?

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  • First out, grate work with the V8. A good step forward for Cobalt.

    And now the wishes:

    • EOS Colour picker!
    • The full Magic Sheet from EOS (Now some parts are missing like pallets with auto colour)
    • Default times for pallets. (A way to set times to DS in play settings)
    • Colour and pictures for DS. A way to give direct selects Custom colours and pictures/drawings for gobos, focus and so on. (Parts of that can be done in full EOS Magic Sheets)
    • Extend theShow control support (see EOS. MIDI USB devices, more control, and so.)
    • Make own colours for Devices/Scrollers so that the Magic Sheet and Device control dock shows the colour.
    • Customize Gobo wheels in Templates for when the gobos is exchanged in the fixture.
    • More flexible way to make grids/picture effects. (Like crop/extend afterwards. not have to know X-Y when starting building the grid)
    • A way when busking to "Pre-load" changes and then fade all in at once. Like change backlight and cyc to different colours and then with a master or a go fade them in together.
    • A undo button.
    • Support for CITP/FPTC for better connection with Capture (And other things running that?)

    This is what I have now.

  • In reply to jolsson:

    Hi Johannes -

    MIDI USB is already supported.

    On busking - have you tried Two Scene Mode on the faders (Master Playback Wing or Cobalt hardware required)? They would allow you to set up a whole scene from practically any content combination and fade into it in time.


  • In reply to sclausen:

    On what level is the USB midi supported? Not this much: https://community.etcconnect.com/control_consoles/f/eos-family-show-control-support-midi-smpte-osc-rtc-etc/23773/midi-over-usb or?

    Can I plug in a Midi over USB controller like a Korg Nano and set up faders and buttons for what I want?


    I haven't used 2 scene mode. mostly because I use top and bottom rows on my master wing. And how would that work with colours and positions rather then just levels. Guess I have to try it out.

  • In reply to jolsson:

    Yes, USB MIDI devices have been supported on PC since v6.
    They don't apply on consoles as those already have MIDI ports.

    The "Direct MIDI" mode was designed for the Nano Korg and similar MIDI fader devices.
  • In reply to Richard:

    So, MIDI over USB is NOT suported on consoles?
  • In reply to jolsson:

    Cobalt supports one MIDI In and one MIDI Out, and all the Cobalt consoles already have those on the back.

    (Many of the Eos consoles don't have any MIDI ports, so need USB ones)

  • In reply to Richard:

    So then my wish stays on the list. ;) more midi suport.
  • In reply to sclausen:

    So I have looked in to the two scene mode. And I see how it could help a little. My problem there is I need then just for colour like five sequeses (wash, sides, spots, footlight, cyc and if I have specials eaven more needed). And then a few for positions and not talking of the size of the beam sequense just for one type of spots.

    I would like a mode like: press blind, select group wash, give them red move to Position 3. Select group spots odd, move to position 2 make red and open. And so on. Then press go.

    Or if 2scene mode is used it’s posible to only use groups and effects on the masters and change them blind with pallets in DS. And save all the seq building.

    You see the difrence? To not first make all the pallets, and then make all the sequenses and then find the right look in all the stepps. And just start when pallets done.

    Added group 2scene mode
    [edited by: jolsson at 12:54 PM (GMT -6) on Tue, Nov 28 2017]
  • Hello,
    If we can have a real dmx in for cobalt on pc with arnet for example for manage the masters
  • In reply to samson:

    DMX Input via sACN (E1.31) has been available for quite a long time, it drives Intensity of 512 desk channels.
    Configure this in System Settings - select an sACN Universe and the starting desk channel number.
    - Master 20 masters the DMX input so you can fade out the external desk if need be.

    Does that do what you need?

  • In reply to Richard:

    I find it very difficult to remember which screens I can edit attribute data and what happens with that data. I think it would be really powerful to have the ability to edit Attribute data in any screen you can edit intensity.

    I think a lot of my frustration with the desk is that there are a dozen editors that behave differently, sometimes you can't edit attributes at all, sometimes (like the preset list) you have to remember to click on a specific column to edit attributes.

    I'd just like it more universal. Also, I get disappointed because there are a ton of really cool tools that don't let you play with attributes which limit their usability such as B, or in Blind (not using blind as an editor) I want to toss in a color palette in B or in blind, then roll it up.
  • In reply to Richard:

    In fact i want to use external faders from a other consol to manage submaster in cobalt on pc
  • one more I rememberd now.
    making all pallets (or a new type) pallet senitive. I think your friends at High End have that in the Hog.
    that if you put a divice in difrent pallets (c,f,b) and save a all pallet and after that change i.ex. the colors in the color pallet the all pallet change to.
  • When a cue list is on a fader it would be nice to have the cue label along with the cue numbers.
  • In reply to MACarts:

    In the Master View, you can see the cue number + the label.

    Is this a request for the same thing but on the master display?
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