What would you like after v8.0? Tell the core team today!

Hi everyone! The Cobalt core team is meeting today and tomorrow and we would like your input. We will soon release the version 8.0 software that contains all new networking, updated tab handling with more configurable screen areas, and the Eos Magic Sheet engine. We're prioritizing the things we will work on next. What feature would you like us to consider for a future release?

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  • Hi all

    Hoping that all of you had a good time during New Year festivities and still rembember what happen that night. For me it's a little foggy that time.

    Now back to work and to some requests and questions.

    Our Congo Sr went to repair and they borrowed a Cobalt 20 so I'm testing some times the V8 but still working during rehearsals with v7.3.1.

    So on V8 and about the magic sheet:
    - is it possible to have a possilibity to align also the Color, Size and Field??? I'm asking this because if I arrange this fields on a channel and want to copy this for others I've got to remember everything. On V7.3.1 this already existes and I use this a lot.
    - on V7.3 if we select a channel it's easy to change the symbol but on V8 I can´t do that. I've got to insert again that channel but with a different symbol or there's a way to do that but I don't know???
    - and about the stretch H/V on V7.3?? if it's possible to use on V8 i think it's not a bad idea.

    When I change the software to V8 and try to do an Import from USB, the 2 tabs of the organizers happear but the console freazes. Nothing work so I've got to press the power button to restart the console and after that it restart with v7.3. Why this happen ?? is it normal??
    And why Cobalt20 on V8 the hours are in the Am/Pm format while the offline in my PC is on the 24h format??


    Request: On V8 or 9 it will be possible to import the Screens layouts from a show to another??

    Pedro Alves

    P.S.: I'm missing the trackball of Congo Sr and I don't like the the Go key because it make some noise when pressed and I'm at the end of the audience floor with some people near me. Also the fact that of the Go, Goback, Pause and Goto doesn't have any backlight like the programming keys.

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