What would you like after v8.0? Tell the core team today!

Hi everyone! The Cobalt core team is meeting today and tomorrow and we would like your input. We will soon release the version 8.0 software that contains all new networking, updated tab handling with more configurable screen areas, and the Eos Magic Sheet engine. We're prioritizing the things we will work on next. What feature would you like us to consider for a future release?

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  • In reply to Anders Ekvall:

    Yes, I think it would be better to also be in the master display.
  • In reply to MACarts:

    I agree, it would be good on the master display.
  • Hi all.

    Now I'm on my christmas holidays but sometimes stil playing with offline Cobalt v.8 build 69.

    I agree with all of what Johannes ask for the future and just want to add somethings...

    - On the  Magic Sheet I think it's a good thing to put the arrow on the right, smaller or on other place in the tab. Sometimes it stays on front of same channel that we've got on that place.

    - A horizontal scroll on tabs that are smaler that is supose to work. For instance if we use a square with the DS tab we can't see the "buttons" on the right, and so we've got to maximize that tab everytime we need those "buttons"

    - On the Organizer a way to see the times that are on the sequences. After change the time on a sequence step and realise that the time from 2 days ago is the right one I can't see that unless I load that show.

    - On the Import Templates I think it's a good idea to see what parameters are in some template as well how many it's use.

    - An UNDO BUTTON . It's one of the most important key that is missing.


    HAPPY NEW YEAR and a good 2018 for everyone


    Pedro Alves



    P.S.: A way to copy or move a Note from a seq step to another
    [edited by: Pedro Alves at 1:17 PM (GMT -6) on Sat, Dec 30 2017]
  • One thing id love to see is the ablilty to create in depth beam pallets, so you can save just the focus of a gobo in a beam pallet.
    I don't know if any of you like me use capture to do their shows but the amount of times you create loos in show shows or anything and you think your gobo is nice and crisp in the software but when you get to show day on stage live its out of focus, a way to sort that would be amazing.
  • In reply to patch_250:

    That it what MASK is for - near the Fan and Align buttons.
    Press [MASK] to toggle masking on/off, and [MASK] & [PARAMETER_BUTTON] to toggle masking of specific parameters.
    - Eg to mask out everything except Focus:
    [Mask] - Activate Mask mode
    [Mask] & [Beam] - Mask out all of Beam
    [Mask] & [Wheel_Key: Focus] - Unmask Focus parameter

    Masked parameters show as "-" so you know they won't be recorded.

    You can also record common Mask setups with # [Record] & [Mask], then # [Mask] will activate them.

    See the Help for more details.
  • Hey. I would very much like to improve the patch by simplifying and speeding up the process of patch ready instruments, creating new ones. I would like to improve the work with dynamic effects with the ability to create a dynamic effect by graphing it with your finger on the screen or by selecting from templates to change it graphically. It would be nice to have a new color management system for LED instrument 4, 6, 7 and more color mixing systems with graphical display. To refine the track to make it more flexible and convenient
  • Hi all

    Hoping that all of you had a good time during New Year festivities and still rembember what happen that night. For me it's a little foggy that time.

    Now back to work and to some requests and questions.

    Our Congo Sr went to repair and they borrowed a Cobalt 20 so I'm testing some times the V8 but still working during rehearsals with v7.3.1.

    So on V8 and about the magic sheet:
    - is it possible to have a possilibity to align also the Color, Size and Field??? I'm asking this because if I arrange this fields on a channel and want to copy this for others I've got to remember everything. On V7.3.1 this already existes and I use this a lot.
    - on V7.3 if we select a channel it's easy to change the symbol but on V8 I can´t do that. I've got to insert again that channel but with a different symbol or there's a way to do that but I don't know???
    - and about the stretch H/V on V7.3?? if it's possible to use on V8 i think it's not a bad idea.

    When I change the software to V8 and try to do an Import from USB, the 2 tabs of the organizers happear but the console freazes. Nothing work so I've got to press the power button to restart the console and after that it restart with v7.3. Why this happen ?? is it normal??
    And why Cobalt20 on V8 the hours are in the Am/Pm format while the offline in my PC is on the 24h format??


    Request: On V8 or 9 it will be possible to import the Screens layouts from a show to another??

    Pedro Alves

    P.S.: I'm missing the trackball of Congo Sr and I don't like the the Go key because it make some noise when pressed and I'm at the end of the audience floor with some people near me. Also the fact that of the Go, Goback, Pause and Goto doesn't have any backlight like the programming keys.

  • Hello,
    I would like you to focus on some bugs I have experienced.
    1) Importing palettes from another show. Imported palette (color for sure, others probably too) does not contain fixtures, so it is almost useless and frustrating.
    2) System freeze while editing Chase effects live
    3) Don´t know, if it is a bug (I´ve got short experience with it). I wanted easy acces to macros set to park and unpark selected channel. I linked them to an Action makro and tried to controll it from a Direct sellect dock. First tap on this DS worked well, another did not, some another try worked again.

    Possibility of accessing Macros from a Direct select would be nice.
  • Hi dear Cobalt Core team,

    on my wishlist for Version 8X  would be some simple things to improve:

    we would need:

    • a "go to B button"  on master playbacks,
    • also need a tracklist for master sequences (for the one in the master playback controller)
    • a possibility for speed control of master sequences
    • a autocapture and release functionality for channels within an fade when touched with the wheel (discussed often)
    • a trigger option to link  sub (master) sequences from the  main sequence
    • a improved playback view where I can see all running fades  (overlapping movefades e.g..)
    • the undo button
    • a tracklist for channeltimes
    • a command to copy the complete timing from one  step to another step
    • a new hardware where the go button and the special faders are illuminated, and the update palette button is not missing...cobalt forever!

    Cobalt still is the most fastest short cut console for designers! Make it fly!

    Tobias Löffler

  • A preset type for the DS dock that actually triggers a change to that preset, similar to "executors" from other consoles. Currently there is a type that selects the channels that are used in that preset, but there does not appear to be one that will trigger the preset. For example, this could effectively load the preset into B and trigger "Go", essentially as an alternative to using a sequence simplifying a more arbitrary order in which to recall those presets.
  • Hi

    1) Use spacebar as GO....(very usefull especially with NOMAD)

    2) Use numeric buttons without ctrl button

    3) Fix the bug with output editor, we can't use the output editor as dimmer check with unpatched outputs anymore,(actually we can give a level to an unpatched output but this level remains when use the (+,-) buttons to give level to the next or last output and it fades out after a few seconds or mnutes
    even the hotpatch function don't work with unpatched outputs.......actually it works but just for a few minutes......very "funny" bug

  • When I'm in the Effects tab, the wheel+down arrow doesn't scroll down the pop-up menus anymore. Please fix.

    More update/record/parameter options in the aRFR classic app and/or compatibility with latest aRFR app version.

    Occasionally locks up when keystrokes are input or repeated very quickly.

    I'm on a Congo Sr with the latest Cobalt software. Looking forward to V8 release!


  • I would like to see more of the console keys be available via keyboard shortcuts on Nomad. Seems strange to me to have both capture and release, but to have park without unpark, for example.
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