Lamp on and display

How is the right sequence to turn on a lamp on Varilite VL8? and how is possible to make bigger channels on the monitor?

I'm talking about Cobalt Nomad Version



  • Zoom is [Format] & [Wheel]
    On ETCnomad, Format is F4 and the wheel is your mousewheel.

    See the built-in Help for details - F1 to open, then search.

    VariLite fixtures don't activate the command until you do Lamp Idle, so the order is "Lamp On" ... wait few seconds ... "Idle"
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    Hi thank you for reply.
    but where I find lamp on /lamp idle /enable on Nomad version?
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    The softkeys are on the right-hand side of Screen 1.

    Device Lamp Controls are under Device > Lamp Control
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    But there is no soft key for "enable". Just Lamp on, lamp off lamp Idle and reset.
    On the console you also need to hold "Enable"...
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    Onscreen softkeys do not need to be held down, because you've only got one mouse pointer.

    Just click the softkey (or touch it if you have a touchscreen)
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    Ok Thank Richard

    to turn off > LAMP OFF

    nothing else that try and try it again until it start. Right?

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    Vari*Lite fixtures are a little odd, as they wait until you send the Idle before they do the lamp control command.

    In general I'd suggest using
    Device > Lamp Controls > Lamp On or Lamp Off
    wait a few seconds
    Device > Lamp Controls > Idle

    That covers most fixtures (those that don't actually have an Idle will just ignore it)

    I'm guessing Varilite did it that way so you have a chance to re-select Lamp On if you hit Lamp Off by mistake.

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