Cobalt v8.0 Released

Cobalt v8.0, a major release for the platform, is now available from the ETC website.
Key features of the update include:

  • Magic Sheets (formerly Channel Layouts) have been upgraded to match the Eos family user interface, with improvements to colour and line, font control, image import, and Image Effect layout integration.
  • Cobalt show files will now be stored as archive files containing the show itself and any images imported for Magic Sheets
  • Revamped navigation using reconfigurable, Eos-style tabs. Screen configurations may be recorded for quick recall.
  • Improved networking and synchronization
  • New “Clone” tool for adding fixtures to a show file


Important note: Cobalt v8.0 software is NOT compatible with Windows XP based consoles, including Congo senior and older oldest Congo jr/Congo Kid consoles.

Owners of older Congo jr/Congo Kid consoles may contact ETC Technical Services or their local dealer and provide their console serial number to explore Win7 upgrade options.
Congo senior consoles can’t be upgraded.

The new Cobalt software and Release Notes may be found at