pallet change in Track


Cobalt V8.0

I had forgotten to record two lights position with a pallet and they har raw values. but it was a fixed back light with one position so easy fix: record a pallet and fix it in track!

So far so good. Selecting channels and pressing Track. Then Format+Focus to bring up the focus values and start changing. pan, tilt and move speed selected, dubble click on first box scroll down to the Back light pallet (Focus 3) and select it. All I got in the drop down was Focus pallets (I was in focus track after all) and I wanted to be faster so I pressed 3 (number on the pallet) and Modify and the lights got a All Pallet number 3! Now the drop down only had All pallets and no focus. I tried 3 and focus, but no reaction. Modify+Focus didn't help. I could not get out of All pallets. What I had to do is select a not changed box as the first, select all with the all pallet together with the empty/not changed one and then I was back on Focus pallet.


Some how Cobalt do feel that you wand focus pallets because that's what you get in the drop down, but when you press number and modify it gives you all pallets! And number and Focus do not change that back.

So can I force it to go back to Focus pallets?

(And while we talk Focus, WHY do we have two focus that do different things! A Position Focus and a Beam Focus!)