Cobalt 8 Beam Parameter osc Problem

Runnin Cobalt 8 on a Cobalt 10 Console: Patched a template with osc beam parameters to control arkaos grand vj xt, runs very good, but when patching more then 39 parameters, the field for the osc command remains empty after shutdown.. is this a bug with Cobalt 8? The parameters function well when being filled out again, but the showfile does not save them.. on 7.3.1 this was working properly.. any suggestions solutions?

  • Hi,

    I have looked into this. If you only change the OSC part of a parameter, the changes will not be saved in the show file.
    As a workaround, you can change any other value of the parameter after you have changed the OSC settings. This will make sure the OSC settings are included with the parameter.
    Note: You have to do this for each individual parameters (40-44 in your case).