Connecting Net3 RFR to ETC nomad on OSX



how do I connect an RFR base to ETC Nomad on MacOS?

_via USB to the MacBook: does not work

_via USB to Cobalt Programming wing: does not work

_via Ethernet: does not work


What's also puzzling me:

When the CongoJr is running as Server, I can see all my Net3 devices including the RFR base.

When Nomad is running as Server, I cannot see any Net3 devices (although DMX is output correctly through 4-Port-Node)

(Switching off the Firewall on the MacBook doesn't help here.)



  • How is it with IP and Net Mask?
  • In reply to jolsson:

    Cobalt on MacBook and Congo Jr communicate with each other.
    Both communicate with Net3 Gateway.
    Congo Jr (if used as server) communicates with RFR base via Ethernet.

    So I don't think this is a networking issue.
    All devices are in the same subnet and use the same net mask.

    I am just guessing that Cobalt Software for Mac does not support Net3 remote at all, but nobody from ETC would want to admit.
  • In reply to mdaszenies:

    Hi Mario,

    Sorry for the delay in reply. It is expected that the RFR will not work via USB as there are not drivers available for OSX for that device.

    We have tested and can confirm that the RFR also does not currently work via network in the Mac version of ETCnomad Cobalt.
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