Multiple consoles in network V8+


How do console priority work in V8+?

My scenario: No1 server No2 backup and then I want to ad one Nr3 just for viewing what is going on (On designers table or so) But I don't want the Nr3 to go as backup if Server No1 crash. Pre V8 it was just to run it as a client, but now all are backups. And how dose it work if No3 don't have a dongle? is that even possible? or a to small dongle.


  • Hi Johannes,

    You will need a dongle.  There isn't a "mirror mode" like in Eos.

    The smaller output dongle will work.  The console with the smaller dongle will show "Output Limit Reached" in a box in the upper border of the screen.  It only effects that back-up not the system.

    My understanding is that the serve will have the #1 position, and then he back-ups will get ranked based on whether they have the full output count for the system and order of log-in.

    I have done this with my system often.  In your scenario, #1 and backup #2 would both have to crash before #3 took over as server.  It would save your programming and the number of outputs of your dongle will still be output.

    Take care,


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