Patching Problems.... I think

Hi there, We are having an interesting problem. I see there is another article on the site with the same problem. but it looks like it was never answered. 

We are running ETC Congo Jr's all with Cobalt V8.2 on them. At several of our locations, in the device list.. there are several devices that appear to have the desk channel cleared. Oddly

enough the addresses are still there.. Meaning that for any previous sequences that we have programmed, the devices will work just fine.... but when I need to program new sequences I have no programmer control over the problematic devices. When I need to reassign the fixtures I will get the message " Can not renumber sub devices", And the same when I try to delete them. "Sub devices cannot be be deleted". 

I have talked to everyone I know and everyone has been baffled. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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