Colorsource 20 Software version library version 12.0.1

We have a Colorsource 20 as in title. We have just purchased some new Prolight LEDJ Performer 18 quad zooms. They are not listed in the library. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to update the firmware (with new latest library as they are now listed). I have as per instructions downloaded on to a mem stick the ColorSource Console Software v1.1.1  when I insert mem stick into console and got to setup/files/advanced/updatefirmware/ says No firmware found ensure colorsource.fw is in the root directory



please help!!

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  • Hello,

    The trick is that you need to rename the file on the stick. Instead of being called "ETC_CS_Console_1." it needs to be called "colorsource.fw"
    It's mentioned in the Release Note (part of the download) starting on page 2 under "Installation Instructions".

    Please follow those instructions carefully to get the software updated. You will also want to follow the instructions for "Bootloader Installation" since you are starting from the initial release of software.
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