problem with channels

hello guys outside....i got a problem with my channels....that means, i have no lights going out....the flashbutton is working...but no lights on stage...

mems are working....can anybody help me....? what kind of patchproblem i´ve got...?

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  • Hello, it's normal, channels don't be affect by flsah button, only playback. I think it will be great to have flash function with the channel in more the playbacks. flash button is for select channel only i think
    Just have a lign in more in the setup to choose flash button for select channel or flash channel... Maybe... It will be GREAT... Thanks
  • In "Channels" mode the button is to select the channel.
    This allows you to easily change the colour and other parameters without affecting the level.

    When bright the channel is selected - so picking a colour etc will affect that channel.
    When dim, the channel is not selected - so is not affected by picking colours etc.
  • In reply to Richard:

    Ok richard, that's with fixtures
    But how do we use this button "select" with traditional projectors?
    When a CUE is sent, this button should be used to correct the intensity of a channel and memorize it, only if selected.
    When deselected, the CUE will have to take over.
    This is not the case !
    If not explain how we rectify a CUE live?
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