Elation Sniper 2R Lamp Control



We're renting a ColorSource 20 for a small gig in a blackbox.  We've got a couple of Sniper 2Rs in the mix and can't seem to get to gain control of the lamp on function.  Double checked addressing/number of channels etc. Also made sure that the dmx control by the console is flagged properly in the sniper.  All appears correct.  I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Is there a way to check the device profile on the console to see if it's sending the right parameters?



  • The v3 manual () mentions that there are Menu actions on the fixtures themselves for "Lamp On via DMX" and "Lamp Delay" that may be the issue (page 28):

    I would recommend that you check the fixtures' menus to make sure this is enabled.  Note also that you can lamp them on directly at the fixture (as a work-around), and that you cannot hot-restrike them - they have to be off for 15 minutes before the lamps can be turned back on.