Losing stage map icon when re-channeling

I’m working with the AV 40 and yesterday I needed to re-channel my show as I was add more lights to the rig and wanted the channels to make sense. In patch I move channels around, but when I go back to stage map many of the channels I just moved have disappeared. This wouldn’t be that big of an issue except it seems that the parameter controls are related to stage map and I’m only able to adjust the lights that are in the stage map, even if they are correctly patched.

I was able to resolve the issue by re-re-patching the lights to the channels I wanted. Just thought I would throw this out there as a potential bug in the current version.

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  • Have you pressed the query tool on down right corner??
    Maybe that channels appears away from your actual view on that map..

    I would like a function that allowed you to take more channels to move, not just only one by one..

  • In reply to Simon Koci:

    This was several weeks ago now and I'm no longer in front of the board. I was using the Stage Map in the default layout, meaning just all of the numbers in a row. So if a channel was placed off the stage map view then it was way off of the order that it had originally placed everything. When I did the repatch then the channel appeared on the map where expected.

    I didn't use query, because I honestly did know it was there :). I just thought I would bring it up as I've found a number of bugs in the Color source software over the last couple of months.
  • In reply to Freddo:

    Yeeah, the bugs and lot of improving ideas..
    Would be perfect to be able read the levels/intensities than the number of channel in default size, not only in huge zoom.. Operating be more easier when you're able to see the level on right "wheel" part on display by the (last) selection..
    Maybe in expected version 2..

    Good luck!!
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