Dimmer Patching

Hello All,

I am looking into getting a Colorsource 20 and I'm a little confused on the patching capabilities and want to make sure it can do what I need it to do.

I am wondering if a can patch dimmers with random DMX addresses all to one handle.  For example channels 1,2,11 and 13 all to one handle to come on as one dimmer/fixture.

I feel like this is common and should be the case, but wanted to make sure.


  • Yes.
    You have two options, on how you want the Channel to appear on the stage map:

    A) The Channel has just one icon.
    Use "Add Dimmer" and patch each dimmer to the same Channel, but with a different DMX address.

    B) The Channel has one icon for each Dimmer, so you can arrange them to show where the lanterns are hung.
    Select a patched dimmer, Touch "+" and choose "Duplicate Cell".

    This patches another Dimmer with a different DMX address to the same Channel, and creates a new icon in the Stage Map.
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