Question about using Position FX in a playback-

So I was programming a set of playbacks for a venue for their New Years Eve show, and I wrote several playback sequences that play movement chases in an order I specified, and one playback that used one of the onboard movement FX.  It is a CS40AV console,  running V2.5 software.  

When I push up a playback sequence, and pull it down the fixtures stop their movement chase as I expect, as they are individual steps of a sequence. 

When I push up the playback with the console's onboard movement FX, it starts the effect, and when I pull the fader back down, the intensity goes down, and the other Non-intensity parameters behave as I expect (if I bring up another playback with a gobo, the new gobo is in, and the old one is gone,) but the movement effect keeps playing in the background  I have to click on the effect icon on the left of the display and press STOP to kill it.

Is there anyway to make the playback start the FX when it is above 0, and stop it when it returns to 0?  Or when any other playback goes up (even a different movement effect,) it stops the first effect and brings up what that playback has installed?  Is there a way to make the bump button below the fader start/stop the effect on that fader?

Last but not least-  Is this an expected function on this console, or is it a "Feature."   


Dennis Witte

Holzmueller Productions

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  • The behavior you describe is caused by unchecking the "Parameters on playbacks: Bi-Directional" setting. If you go to Setup > Settings > General you can check the setting and the FX will turn on and off with the fader.

    If you put the playbacks into Move/GO mode, then you need to push the bump button to start the FX, but moving the fader down will stop the FX assuming you have the setting above checked.

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