Making the cue list interactive

Seems to be a bit or radio silence on this forum recently.

I’m deep in rehearsals with the CS20AV and missing the ability to randomly access cues. It would be great to be able to keep a finger on a list entry and hit GO to go straight there. Icing on the cake to have an edit option too. When a show spawns a lot of inserted fractional cue numbers typing them in becomes a pain.

  • I agree with Stuart, Some facitities, as suggested by Stuart, would be welcome, there are too many manipulations for any modifications.

  • Another litle enhancement: an option to change the text colour on the cue list. Operators can get confused when some cues are triggered manually and others are on automatic follow-on. The ability to distinguish easily on the Cue List might improve confidence. 

    I am trialling a convention where the cue number is the same as the script page number. This relies on there being less than ten cues on a page as I use the decimal part to approximate on the position on the page. It saves having to put page numbers in the name field, removes a layer of numbering confusion and makes positioning new cues within a stack very easy. However with a play starting with a thunderstorm and the resulting follow-ons after lightning I got close to the limit and I was almost wishing for two decimal places or being able to use letters as in house numbering!