CS20AV and RDM and rogue 3 Spot

I just set up a cool little black box theater with a CS20AV and Chauvet Colorado 1 Quad Zoom and Rogue 3 Spot fixtures... they are RDM but I can't get the console to see any of them when I search, I have to do them manually. When i first turned theconsole on I did get it to see the Rogue 3 in the RDM search one time but that was it! I have the entire chain of fixtures up and channelized and they are working but no RDM search functions on any of them. 

Rogue 3 Spot... everything works  except the RDM search function but when I select one of the color wheels in the screen it changes but not to the color selected in the screen display so I have to flip it till it randomly lands on the color I am after.

I dig this little console! hope i can figure out the little weirdness.