CS 40 AV crashed for no reason with a usb stick in it

Hi, folks! 

My friends have a brand new CS 40 AV. They don't speak English so they asked me to write about the problem they had come across. 

The initial startup was ok, everything loaded and they started an empty show.

With the console working they inserted a freshly fat32 formatted clean usb stick with a show file written by me in an offline editor

Just after they plugged the stick in the console switched off completely. 

They switched the power off, switched it on and the console started an infinite shut-off/switch-on cycle (freezing on starting up for 1-2 minutes, shutting down than switching on again). 

After trying to recover the console according to the official "Creating a ColorSource/ColorSource AV USB Recovery Boot Stick- Internal" instruction, it did accept the latest firmware upload (both from internal drive and from usb stick).

But it does not help and it freezes on starting up for 1-2 minutes, shutting down than switching on again, just like before any recovery attempts.  

The test utility from the usb stick shows this: