Creating a personality for multi emitter fixture

Colorsource Personality Editor

Specific fixture: MT Lighting LEDHead Batten2

The fixture has 18 RGBW 'modules' with four modes, the first three treat the 18 modules as one, where as the fourth allows each module to be addressed independantly, making a total of 72 chanels.

The CS console only has personalities for the first three modes. I could put the fixture in mode 4 and create 18 consecutive mode 1 fixtures, but that of course takes up 18 chanels on the desk!

I can't work out how to create a personality that uses mode 4 in the editor.

Similar issue with some Mac Aura XB's that can allow the main emitters and the 'aura' emitters to be adressed independantly, but the CS desk personality doesn't offer the option. It is possible in EOS...

Is it a limitation of the desk or the editor? If the former, will it be added in a future software release?


  • The console supports one set of Intensity+Color Mixing per desk channel, so a fixture that has 18 independently-controlled RGBW modules is 18 desk channels.

    It doesn't support "sub-channels" like Cobalt, Hog4 and Eos, as ColorSource is a small, fader-per-channel console.

    The modes that you can't patch as a single channel are not offered in the built-in library, but you can of course patch the 'cells' yourself.