Fixture Profile Not Found???

Hello to whom it may concern...I'm in dire need to find out just how to add my 1KAF-REV1 personality fixtures to the library so I could use my new CS20 Console.  If researched several different ways for this to be successful and failed.  So just really wanted to see what is the simplest way for NOOB to add this information to my library???  Thanks in advance!!!

  • The simplest way is to ask ETC to make it!
    Send us the manual for the fixture, and then we'll add it to the fixture library via an "Install Extras" library update.
    This usually takes a few days as there are a lot of requests.

    The ColorSource Personality Editor can also be used to create and edit a library of "User personalities" that you can patch into your shows.

    The basic procedure is:

    1. Create the personality - set color mixing, add parameters, set DMX offsets for each parameter, set ranges if you want etc
    2. Insert a USB stick into your PC.
    3. Click "Save For Console" in the toolbar
    4. Insert that USB stick into your console
    5. Open Patch
    6. Choose [Add Device]
    7. Change Source to "User Library"
    8. Patch

    The Quick Guide explains more.

    If it's urgent and you're unsure how to use the editor, Technical Services can build it for you and send you the file to put on a USB stick.

    All of the above can be downloaded from this page: