Fixture creator range question

In the colorsource fixture profile creator, you can set ranges for parameters. However, they have these left, middle, and right arrow indicators so that you can choose for each range. What do each of these mean?

  • The arrows indicate where in the range the console will put that parameter when the tile is pressed.

    -> means it will go to the top of the range

    <-> it goes to the middle of the range

    <- It goes to the start of the range.

    So for example, you might have a fixture with ranges for it's shutter strobe.  I've seen ones where there's a 0 "no strobe"; 1-125 "strobing slow > Fast"; 125-127 "No Strobe", 128-253 pulsing various ways, 254-255 "no strobe".

    For the ranges of 1-125 and 128 - 253, you might want to use <-> so pressing the tile on the ColorSource puts you dead in the middle; or you might want to use <- so pressing the tile puts you at the beginning of the range.

    Note that ColorSource doesn't "clutch" through modes, so pressing the tile is putting you in that range, but you can still scroll / pull up or down through the range.  This is really important if you decide to make a profile that uses Fixture Control parameters (Lamp On / Lamp Off / Reset) - you can scroll right through various functions if you're not careful!

    My default would be to use <-> so pressing the tile puts you in the middle of the range, but the "right" answer always depends on how you want to use it :-)