ColorSource 20 - Fixture Profile Needed

Hello like to request a fixture profile to be created for my current fixtures.  I'm currently using a CS20 Colorsource Console.  The fixture profile I need to be created is for a 1KAF-REV1


  • This appears to be an incandescent fixture so you can use a dimmer (instead of a device) to patch this fixture to a channel as there are no non-intensity parameters.

  • To put it another way:

    This fixture doesn't have a DMX socket on it. It's plugged into a Dimmer, and the DMX cable is plugged into the Dimmer.

    So the correct personality to use is "Dimmer", because that's where the DMX is connected.

    On ColorSource, there's also a shortcut button for patching Dimmers: "Add Dimmer".