Fixture personality creator

Suggestion - when you look down the list of topics on this forum the ‘elephant in the room’ must be creating fixture profiles.

Isn’t the best platform for a profile creator the console itself? I can’t think of any computer or tablet based lighting controller that doesn’t have a built in profile creator these days. However I can see that it could be seen as a waste of valuable resources which could be used better when the console is operational, so what I suggest is this:

On power-up the firmware interrogates the buttons and if it finds a particular one depressed it loads the fixture editor rather than the console operating system, just as computers do in order to load an OS from a drive other than the main startup one. The fixture editor would then have all the resources of the console hardware. When the fixture file is ready it is either placed in a part of the storage immune from effects of the main system startup or laid off onto a memory stick to be used as is done at present. Then you restart the console normally.

As well as saving the need for a separate computer, one could actually test the personality on the fixture itself to see that the correct channels controlled the correct attributes, and if necessary set limits before the file is saved.