Colorsource Wireless Relay vs. Elation Colour Chorus

I am experiencing an issue in which I have 3 Elation Colour Chorus 72s hooked up to a Colorsource Wireless Relay, and bringing them up causes a flicker to happen in one section of each of the Colour Choruses. We have a Colorsource 20 board, and when we were troubleshooting the flickering issue, we unplugged from the relay and directly into the board, which stopped the flickering, but is not a viable solution. It is my understanding that Elation's fixtures aren't the most compatible with ETC's products, because Elation doesn't support the sACN standard (please correct me if I'm wrong - I'm working off of reading other people's issues with Elation). I was wondering if anyone had any other possible solution to the flickering?

I have updated the Colorsource 20 software and library during my troubleshooting, and we installed a DMX terminator at the end of the chain.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the trouble you're having.  It's possible the Elation fixtures are not be handling the RDM (Remote Device Management) messages that the ColorSource Wireless Relays use by default.  You mention that the fixtures work fine when plugged into your ColorSource Console directly - is that still true if you have the fixtures plugged in, go to Patch on the console, and have the green RDM button lit?

    If they flicker at that point, that pretty-well confirms the Elation fixtures don't handle RDM messages well (they should either respond to them or ignore them, but not interpret them as DMX which is what typically causes flickering).  Note that ColorSource Consoles only send RDM while in the Patch screen, when the RDM button is lit - but ColorSource Wireless Relays send RDM periodically.

    Unfortunately, if the fixtures are flickering due to RDM, it's not possible to disable RDM on the ColorSource Wireless Receivers via the ColorSource console at this time.  It can be disabled with an RDM controller such as a City Theatrical DMXCat, or an ETC Gadget and Net3 Concert software, or an Enttec DMX/RDM Pro (or many others).  Another option would be to add a non-RDM DMX isolation splitter in line - that splitter should handle "stripping out" the RDM messages before passing along DMX to the fixtures.

    If you don't have access to those products yourself, I recommend getting in touch with the dealer who sold the ColorSource Wireless Relays to see if they can help.

    Thanks, -Matt Pumplin