What is released version ?

I discover, by chance, that there is a that has been released.

1) it will be nice that there is an announcement in the different forums

2) I installed it: ok no problem, I had the 2.6.0 beta15 before.

BUT, IMPOSSIBLE to use it, all things have become slow.
- When you raise the channel fader to 100%, it does not go up to 60%, you have to go back to it twice to reach 100%
- The remote screen that displays the plan does NOT match ALL at the touch screen.
- Playbacks button do anything (sometimes mauve, sometimes white)

In short, I did not put an hour, I returned to 2.6 beta 15.
where, there one of the only big problem, it is especially the Playbacks return which disturb the CUES.

It is not usable.
Thank you for putting this back in shape.