Memory playback in cue list

My plan was to use a memory playback for a moving head fixture so that if I changed the fixture setting in the memory playback, every cue that I recorded with that memory playback would all be updated to the new settings. I’ve tested, I believe, but it seems the cue has the fixture reference not the memory playback reference. Unless I’ve done something wrong. When I changed the memory playback that was recorded in the cue, the cue still referenced the old settings. The show I’m about to program may we require a moving head to have the parameters altered, would like to not have to manually change every cue that has the fixture in it.... rather change the memory playback and then all cues with that memory playback in it is updated. I use to use this method for other fixtures with my smartfade ML console. I’m still fairly new to the colorsource 40AV. Figured I could do the same with it.