ColorSource 20 - Separate playback handles for different Beam functions

I am programming a default show with some ETC Source 4 Tungsten HD 2s for generic stage washes. I have the Source 4s in 4 channel studio mode (Intensity, Color Temperature, Tint, Strobe) am looking to store 3 different faders for the fixtures, one for Dimmer, one for Color Temp, one for Tint. Dimmer is fine, Ive stored that without beam info, but storing another fader with color temp or tint info will store all beam info onto the same playback. Is there any way to isolate Color temp from Tint so I can modify these individually? Id rather not patch dimmers to these addresses to fake it, but i can if needed. Id like to see that my fixtures are near a given value (4500k) when I move a playback up. Under settings, i do have Bi-directional playbacks enabled, so I am seeing this scroll through values, but my Color temp fader is also messing with the Tint values. Any thoughts?