Sound 2 light and magic sheet

Hi I try to trigger the MUTE button or sound2light via a magic sheet in Eos. So i don't have to change programs to mute, and also the mute keys are very small in S2L.

So I get s2l to send messages to Eos - piece of cake, just put in the correct IP address and the light moves to the music.

There is an example of a magic sheet in an eos file, it sais in the manual of sound 2 light - but I cannot find this showfile anywhere to check out how it is compiled. It is only a screenshot, nothing else. 

I tried to make buttons in the magic sheet, and giving these commands, copy paste the supported osc message as is given in the s2l manual. This doesn't do anything.

Anybody who can give me some more advice about this? or an example? 

Do I have to change things in the Eos - settings? Or am i going about this the wrong way completely?