EOS and Qlab2

I've got a show coming up in a few weeks and I was thinking it would be nice to fire our Ion's cues from qlab. I've never messed around with MIDI, or qlab for that matter so any help will be greatly appriciated. We are using an iBook running qlab 2 and an Ion running 2.8 software, our usb to midi device is a midi man sport I believe. I am also open to the idea of osc, but I doubt that is realistic given the age of the laptop.

  • I don't think that the age of the laptop is the problem, but rather the old qlab version.

    You could use Midi Show Control (MSC). All participating devices fire cues with the same number simultaneously. You only need to activate sending MSC on the qlab and receiving MSC on the Ion.

    Would that solve your problem?