2.8 is released and posted to the product software downloads pages

2.8 is released and posted to the software downloads pages for all Eos family products.    2.8 includes the following major changes:

Complete rewrite to the fixture editor for better mode and lamp controls editing.  Profiles can now be modified directly without making a copy.

The relative effect editor graphic has become a thumbnail.  When entering edit mode, the graphic now expands into a larger space for more precise control.   A number of editing tools to improve creation and editing have been added.

An option for magic sheets has been added called Limited Expanded Mode.  When this mode is called, the associated magic sheet will go full screen (suppressing any tabs) and all magic sheet editing is locked.   There is an option to additionally lock the face panel out.  The purpose of this feature is to leave the system in a state where the primary interaction with the system is through the magic sheet and you don't want it to get closed or hidden behind other tabs. 

A firmware update is included in 2.8 to the 94-way face panel board to address potential lost key hits when working very quickly.

A prompt/warning is now provided when the user attempts to open a show file or do a "file new" and there are unsaved changes in the current file.

Improved "best spectral match" controls

Added Search for effects by label

Added support for the Response Analog widget

The default setting for encoders on all platforms is now Flexi enabled

Added a [Displays] + [Record] command to insert a "READ HERE" log entry.   This is to help technical services and the developers find issues within the user logs.

Added "delete unused images" to magic sheet controls

Updated SolaFrame 3000 color calibration for new firmware

Added the ability to direct UDP and OSC commands to multiple destinations

Added the ability to store effects in parts other than one

Thanks all.