Is this a bug in 2.8.1?

Hi there,

just updated our ION to 2.8.1 and when I opened my standard show file the colors in my magic sheet didn't line up and checking then in ML control home OW was quite off. for my VL 1000TS it ended somewhere in an amber and my rush par 2 zoom in a purple. no values active anywhere. did check the patch for the VL's they had som odd values in Hue and Sat. I did start changing my pallets when I took the photo attached (VL 100ts) so all colors are out now but hue and sat still have odd values at home position and the color picker shows the amber as well.

hope you guys can find the issue!

kind regards



  • It looks like this is intentional to more accurately reflect the actual HSB values of the fixture when in "open white." The VL1000 is a tungsten source, and therefore tends toward amber when open. Likewise, RGB(X) LEDs have a much cooler, bluer "open white." The default Hue/Sat values in the patch appear to accurately reflect where the open white point of the fixture actually is on the color space. Therefore, you can accurately use the Hue/Sat parameters in ML controls to create more consistent colors across very different fixtures.

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