Robe T1 Fixture Library Edits

Hello - requesting the following updates/edits due to discovered problems with the Robe T1 fixture (Mode 3 full extended). 

1. Lime is not utilised by ETC's colour picker and gel reference library. Quick fix for this has been to change the fixture profile and re-map Lime as White, which is recognised. This cannot be otherwise rectified by the end user.

2. The diffusion is all on the same DMX parameter and has not been mapped properly into the fixture profile. It shows as just two options "2" or "3" and the DMX mappings do not match the published parameters from Robe. You can still access all the diffusion options via the raw encoder controlling the range of the 255 parameters, but obviously this is annoying. I have rewritten the fixture profile to "Light", "Heavy" and "Both" - suggest this is looked at. 

3. Colour calibration options and Tungsten Effect simulations options aren't labelled correctly in lamp controls.