Microvision Track/Record and current cue number

I've just finished teching a show on a somewhat cranky Microvision, and discovered (the hard way) that when re-recording a cue, the default cue number is often the next cue, not the cue on the faders.  It's as if one had keyed [Record] [+] instead of just [Record].  This happens occasionally with Record and almost always with Track.  It seems to only happen in Stage.

Does anyone know if this is a bug, a quirk of the software, or a possible short between the Track and + buttons?



  • Josh,

    I have heard of this on very rare occasions.  A couple of questions for you...  Are you running v1.33 software?  It was the last version available for the console.  Also, are you using DD diskettes?  I know these are impossible to find but I have seen MV console act odd or even act as though they are running macros because of reading from a HD diskette.  If you can't find DD disks, make sure the disk is formatted on the console before recording shows to it.

    There could also be a hardware issus but I think this would be the more unusual case.  Let me know about the above.



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