Insight 1 and ETCedit

I've been running an Insight 1 this summer. I got the ETCedit software but have been having trouble with it not reading the disk or not being able to save the show file. I've looked into it a little bit and it seems like I'm not the only one who has had this trouble in the past. I was wondering if anyone has found a work around that could possibly help.


Thank you.


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  • Aaron, it's even more complicated than taping over the extra hole in a newer diskette. It's also highly desirable to use a diskette that has never been in any computer other than the Insight 1, particularly Apple machines. It's also possible that the diskette drive in your PC (especially if it's a recent model) isn't fully backward-compatible with the old track layout of 720KB diskettes. Does the PC sometimes manage to read or write a show?

    Not to give more detail than you want, this is about not only having twice as many tracks on a 1.44MB diskette, it's also about the virtual certainty that the head and access arm alignment cannot be precisely identical between two different diskette drives. This means that it's actually more conservative (I mean, safer - - - ) to have one diskette JUST for moving shows between the Insight and the PC, and then, after loading an offline-edited show, put a "light-booth ONLY" diskette right into the Insight and SAVE the show again.

    I hasten to add that this is not a reflection on either your PC manufacturer or the quality of the Insight, which is a perfectly fine, older board. It's just that diskette technology has moved on. You could think of it as like trying to use a binder from a Staples in the US on a bundle of A4 paper that the designer sent you from abroad!

    I have never done this myself, but if you are really short of diskettes, it might be worth using a bulk audiotape eraser on the diskette-heavily, on both sides, and then formatting it as "new" in the Insight. But this is a last-resort.

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