Acclaim 300 series restore factory settings?

I recently found myself in front of an Acclaim 300 that won't communicate with the dimmer rack. I temporarily replaced the board with a small loaner and was able to fire the dimmer racks, so I believe the board is defective. Before investing in servicing this board, I thought I would try a complete reset. Does anyone know of a command that will completely restore factory defaults? Or a special key sequence during power-up?

I thought I might also check the DMX output with a meter, see if it's sending anything, but I don't what to expect as I''ve never done DMX diagnostics.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, none of the installer contacts are in business.




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  • Hi Matt,

    I am sorry to hear that your console isn't working as you would expect. Before restoring defaults, I would recommend that you double check your patch information to ensure accuracy.

    It is possible to deep clear the console. Please make sure that you save your show to disk before deep clearing as it will delete all memory.

    To deep clear: with the console on, press [F1][F2][F3] together to enter the self test menu. Press {Select} (which is the [F1] key) repeatedly until "Clear All" is displayed on the LCD. Press {Run} ([F2]) to start the deep clear. The console will clear its memory and reboot.

    As for metering DMX, you will want an oscilloscope meter to check DMX as it is a digital signal and not simply a constant low voltage output. You would be looking for square waves on the scope.

    If the problem persists after ensuring the patch is accurate, the issue is most likely a faulty DMX driver chip. This chip can be ordered from any ETC dealer and installed yourself, or you can have the console repaired by us or one of our authorized service centers.

    For a list of ETC dealers in your area, please visit:

    I hope this helps.

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