Microvision won't retain patch

I am co-designing a middle school musical, and found an old Microvision that I was hoping to use. I turned it on, and noticed all the channels were barely visible. I went and reset everything I could (this board probably has not been used in a while, and I wanted to start fresh), then selected the default soft patch. I went to the Patch page, and typed "Dimmer 2 [Enter] Channel 2 [Enter]." I pressed the "Dimmer" button to patch dimmer 1 into channel 1, and the "2" disappeared from channel 2. Just for kicks, I tried patching dimmer 1 into channel 1 at 50%, and when I pressed "dimmer" again, "50%" stayed but the "1" from dimmer one disappeared.

I have verified that the digital output is set to "DMX-512," and that AMX and analog outputs are turned off. I did another complete reset, which reset the channel and dimmer count. I checked again, and no dimmers were patched. The channels were still almost completely grayed out. The video output was set to "mono," so I am not sure why anything is anything but white.

I have a Microvision at my church that works fine, so I don't *think* I'm doing anything wrong. I'm hoping that nothing internally is fried, but I have a feeling that may be the case. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.