Congo Kid stuck on power up


Im in a big trouble. 

I have a congo Kid at work. Today it worked just fine, then i power it down the correct way, selecting the power down option. later i turned it on and for my surprise it did not load.

The surface lights blinked (no beeps), then the surface displayed the congo logo, but nothing was displayed on my Monitors. I tried switching monitors but nothing happened.

Si far i tried:

3 different monitors both DVI and VGA

Power on and off

Follow the basic maintenance 

Remove and re-insert the ram memmory

The console was working as usual, then after power it down and rebooting it stopped sending signal to my monitor.

I read something about "reseting the video card" also.

Please give a little bit of help 

Mercyful beings of knowledge

  • Hi ,

    I'm sorry you are having issues with your Congo Kid. 3 beeps typically indicates RAM failure/unable to communicate with RAM. Congo Kid does not have a video card to reseat so that isn't going to apply in your case.

    If you have tried reseating the RAM and/or a different slot on the motherboard and the issue persists, it is time to work with your favorite dealer/distributor to get that console in for repair.

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