Expression 3 Faders not working

When I try to record a scene to a submaster - set the scene, hit <record><sub><desired fader bump button><release>, the green LED lights on the bump button and the corresponding submaster number on the screen list turns green. However, the scene does not show on stage via the fader, nor is there any level number scrolling at that fader.  Only by pressing the bump button does the scene appear.. It reacts the same even if I type in the fader number during the record process.  Also, the Grand Master fader does nothing. Down or up the bump button still fires the scene. I can record and run cues, but the GM will not affect the output of the cue. The Blackout button is functioning.

All of the submaster behave the same way.  It would seem that there may be power that works through the faders that is not functioning

Can anyone give me some guidance on where to look, what to look for?  That's much.

 Anyone able to help???

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  • So Sorry to hear you are having problems. This could be a couple of issues, but I suspect there is something odd in the show file or a system setting that is causing the issue.

    Have you tried reloading the show from disk? What about loading an older show to see if the problem stays with the desk or follows the show. If it seems show specific, you can contact Technical support and if you can email it in, they can look at it. 

    If it is not show specific, I would try deep clearing the console by Turning it on holding down the 7,8, and 9 keys on the keypad until it finishes booting. This will clear the memory and reset to factory defaults So make sure your show is backed up first.


    Then try a new show and see if it has the same issue. If it does the next step would be to try reinstalling system software. You can find the software here:

    Download it and unzip to a floppy disk. Put the disk in the console and cycle power. It will load automatically. 

    If none of this help, it is time to talk to Technical support for sure. It might need a repair. 


    Hope this helps

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