Questions about Obsession offline editor on Windows 10 and transferring files

Just fired up the editor on my Windows 10 box and it works! Even though I downloaded the 5.1.1 version from the ETC site it says the software version is 5.1.2. The board in the house I'm going into has 5.1.1 according to the ME. Will this be an issue for me if I try edit my show offline?

Next, I have a portable floppy drive but I'm not sure that it works. Is there a way to save to USB in case I need to move the file to another computer with a working floppy drive? Is it even possible to move the show files around between different storage media? The worst case for me is I do a ton of prep work which I then can't get on to the light board.

Thanks for any hints on making this work. It's been about three years since the last time I used an Obsession and the last time it blew up in the middle of tech and was replaced by an Ion.


  • I'm trying to remember from last summer when we archived the show files to a computer in case our obsession could not be revived again. And I apologize for answering a month late.

    I believe show files save to etc/obsn/shows as etcshow.dat, at least that's what it looks like when I just went to the booth computer we saved them all to. I would imagine as long as you can dump your file in the folder where offline is looking for the show file you ought to be in good shape.