Insight 3 with Emphasis to regular Insight 3 conversion

Our theater was given an Insight 3 console that is configured as an Emphasis facepanel. This was surplus equipment from a university theater department following an upgrade. The matching Emphasis server was not offered to us and may have been discarded.

As a result, the console cannot be used since we do not have the server. This page:

..seems to indicate that the facepanel can be converted back into a regular Insight console with software that should have shipped with the original console. I have been unable to find any other references about this.


So I have two questions.

1) Is it possible to do this? Convert a facepanel to an Insight console via software install.

2) Where does one obtain the software to do so.


We need to find out if this can be done because someone disappeared with the power supply for our old Express console.

Please let me know.