Insight 3 with Emphasis to regular Insight 3 conversion

Our theater was given an Insight 3 console that is configured as an Emphasis facepanel. This was surplus equipment from a university theater department following an upgrade. The matching Emphasis server was not offered to us and may have been discarded.

As a result, the console cannot be used since we do not have the server. This page:

..seems to indicate that the facepanel can be converted back into a regular Insight console with software that should have shipped with the original console. I have been unable to find any other references about this.


So I have two questions.

1) Is it possible to do this? Convert a facepanel to an Insight console via software install.

2) Where does one obtain the software to do so.


We need to find out if this can be done because someone disappeared with the power supply for our old Express console.

Please let me know.

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  • It absolutely can work in facepanel-only mode.  We just have to get you the software.

    On the Expression consoles, the software to set them back to facepanel-only mode was stored on a floppy disk inside the console itself.  It is probably the same on the Insight.  Unplug the console from the wall.  Unscrew the two dark grey knobs on the lower left- and lower right-hand sides of the console, then tip the whole facepanel up and away from you.  It should open up like a clamshell.

    The disks for facepanel-only mode and Emphasis mode should be stored in there.

    If the disks aren't inside, close up the console and download the Insight 3 software version 3.1.1 here:

    Unzip the file, and then copy it onto a blank floppy disk (good luck finding one of those!).  Then insert the floppy disk into the console's disk drive and switch on the power.  The console will automatically install that software, and you'll be all set.

  • In reply to Paul Toben:

    Actually, I do have quite a few working blank floppies around... We needed them for the Express.

    I'll give that a shot and thank you for the suggestion.

  • In reply to Paul Toben:

    Unfortunately, this didn't work. The Express 3.11 console software zip file contains two files called e2.bin and run.bin. With either or both of them on a floppy, the console boots straight to Emphasis facepanel mode and nothing else. If I try "restore from floppy" in setup, it says that an 'expn.cfg' file is missing.

    I also checked under Legacy/Insight on the software page, but there isn't a console software link there. Is the Express one the correct file? Specifically this one:
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    Give ETC tech support a ring. They'll be happy to get you sorted.
  • In reply to Paul Toben:

    Paul is right - give tech support a call.

    Just a few pointers:

    e2.bin is the file you want to have on the floppy drive - just that alone.

    You should hear the floppy drive click as it reads the disk on startup. If you don't, that could indicate floppy drive issues.
  • In reply to Hans.Hinrichsen:

    Unfortunately, it isn't possible for me to be at the console and on the phone at the same time. Theater in the boonies, cell coverage non-existent, no landline.

    Is it possible to find out what the next steps support would recommend are?

    I pulled the floppy drive out of the console and tested it in a PC. It works fine, so I know I have a good drive and disks.

    I don't hear the drive click when the console powers up, but I do hear it when I choose "restore from floppy".
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